Latex-Free Tourniquets
Latex-Free Tourniquets

Review Summary

Latex-Free Tourniquets

Exclusive! Bring Vibrant Color to Blood Collection Procedures

  • Perfect balance of “stretch” and “grip”, allowing the phlebotomist to quickly “apply“ and “release” the tourniquet
  • 1" wide and pre-notched every 18"
  • Single- and multi-roll dispensers available
  • Approximately 25 bands per roll
Latex-Free Tourniquets
Individual Roll • approx 25 bands/roll
$9.91 CDN
Latex-Free Tourniquets
Multi-Color 6-Pack • 1 roll each of blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, orange
$60.76 CDN
Latex-Free Tourniquets
Multi-Color 4-Pack • 1 roll each of blue, green, pink, purple
$41.42 CDN

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