Get the most effortless blood draw cart available. A Go-Cart gives you the ability to operate quietly and quickly with its unique caster design and 4-point base made of high-quality aluminum. Its amazing maneuverability does not come at the expense of quality, strength, or storage options. The Go-Cart mobile phlebotomy cart accommodates all of your blood draw supply needs.

Go-Cart Deluxe
  • Cart w/writing surface
  • ML1885 Phlebotomy Tray
  • Locking drawer
  • Enviro container
  • 8qt Sharps container
  • Glove box holder
  • Universal bracket
  • Two container hangers

Review Summary

Go-Cart Deluxe

A Faster, Lighter Mobile Phlebotomy Cart

  • 4" rubberized swivel casters operate smoothly on any flooring surface
  • Refined aluminum structure creates highly-stable, lightweight maneuvering
  • Secure storage with lockable stainless steel drawer
  • Immediate access to all supplies during sample collection
  • High quality stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Easily cleaned with standard disinfectants
Go-Cart Mobile Draw Cart
Deluxe (as pictured) • 18.5"L x 22.5"W x 29"-45"H
$2004.39 CDN